abananaleaf replied to your post “abananaleaf replied to your post “(Sorry if this is a double ask,…”

I miss you too Chaco ;_; I’m currently writing 3 research papers at once while in a state of great confusion so I haven’t been on g-chat recently. *crawls towards May* *tries to be as dedicated as Midorima*

Ahhhh good luck!! ;_; I figured it was school-related. Are you done with assignments in May? 



Ok so the Persona 4 + Animal Crossing doodle up top here is probably the most popular thing I’ve ever posted to Tumblr, so I decided to take the core idea, add some polish, and put it on a shirt! 

You can buy ~ here ~ as a shirt or sticker!

You too can be the mayor of Inaba and spend all your time catching bugs and fish and ignoring your responsibilities

abananaleaf replied to your post “(Sorry if this is a double ask, tumblr didn’t notify me if it sent the first one) Wouldn’t MayuAka and AkaMido be causing a conflict of interest? Could that be resolved by an Akashi sandwich?”

Same. My akamidos are in a different universe from nijiaka. Though it’s fun to imagine nijiakamido. They would be such an awkward mess of an ot3 lol.

MASIIII <3 I’ve missed talking to you. ;3; NijiAkaMido is hilarious to think about hahaha. I like them in a train of longing and staring wistfully at the other’s back: Nijimura <— Akashi <— Midorima XD (maximum Akashi and Midorima pain which is delicious)



Scans of Character Pages from Kamigami no Asobi Official Art Book


  • Share this thing around. Why? 1) I’m a stick in the mud when it comes to romanization (unless it’s Dionysus or Thor’s though…) 2) I don’t want a heart attack when I see the subs in the anime
  • You can upload to other sites if you wish to, just let me know where it is
  • Enjoy the lovely art of Kazuki Yone
  • Thank me by sending me a render of Loki
  • If you want the original HQ sized scans, just ask me


  • Do not repost elsewhere on tumblr. If you want this on your blog/dashboard. Reblog this post.
  • Lastly, don’t remove this caption -from me, OP, trikkusta